We specialize in the system design, development and distribution of the following products:-

• Magnetic Card Reader and Encoder (Lo-Co and Hi-Co) for ISO plastic cards and passbook
• Bar Code Scanners- wand pen, slot scanner, CCD scanner, Laser scanner
• Bar Code Printer
• Smart Card Reader for banking, e-commerce and internet companies
• Cheque Reader for reading cheques
• Card Access Control – using magnetic, barcode, proximity or biometrics reader
• Time & Attendance System – using magnetic, bar code, proximity or biometrics reader
• RFID products
• Data Collection Terminals
• Portable Handheld Terminals (RF and non-RF type)

These benefits show up in many ways:

• Research found that companies who support their enterprise resource planning with real-time automated data collection achieve a 50% higher return on their ERP investment than those who do not.
• Warehouse operations supported with wireless barcode input commonly achieve 99.x% inventory accuracy.
• Experienced typists make one error approximately every 300 keystrokes. Entering data by barcode scanning keeps errors – and the time and labor needed to resolve them – out of operations.
• Practically any business can take advantage of barcoding to free up workers and reduce the paperwork needed to manage assets, supplies and shipments.