What is AutoSys?

A window based application and user-friendly interface for automobile service centre. It helps to integrate system from Stock Inventory Control, Service Maintenance, and Front Desk Cash Billing to Financials.

Why AutoSys?

~ It helps to maintain the transaction works such as accounting, goods in-out, cash billing/ invoicing, payment,
   stock inventory control and etc.
~ Easy to track & maintain customer details
~ Improves efficiency and eliminates duplicate jods
~ Developped with active involment of a leadingmanufacturer of automobiles
   and heavy commercial vehicles and several workshop managers
~ Designed for operations and personal efficiency

What do we provide?

~ Developed in Malaysia
~ Windows Based System
~ Y2K complaint
~ Single to multi-user application
~ Build in basic accounting such as Profit & Loss reports
~ Integrated with Back-End Accounting
~ JobSheet control and space parts maintenance for easy tracking
~ Customer and Vendor Information
~ Daily up-to date Sales analyst, and P & L reports
~ Vehicle billing history for user easy referance
~ On screen Account's/ Product's Enquiry
~ Multiple Payment Mode (Cash/ Card/ Cheque) and make Multiple payment with different payment mode
~ Next Service Reminder Setting
~ Stock Inventory and Reports
~ Mechanic/ Sales Advisor Performance Report
~ On-line Billing System
~ Up-to-dated Products sales Gross Profit
~ Able to keep track on payment either in the outstanding, partial, or full payment
~ 100 over reports

AutoSys is distinguished by its:

~ Comprehensive reports with very intelligently developed managerial analysis
~ Low learning curve and ease of use
~ Extremely fast performance
~ Very low requirements of hardware and communication resources

Return On Investment

~ Quickened Information Response Time
~ Increased Revenue
~ Improve Order Management Cycle
~ Improve interaction with Customers
~ Lowered Inventory Levels
~ Improve Cash management
~ Reduced Direct Operating Costs