What is MLM Software

Multi-level marketing (MLM), also known as Network Marketing, is a business-distribution model that allows a parent company to market its products directly to consumers (direct selling.).

Modules in MLM software

1. Finance Module

- Country Price Type Maintenance
- Document Price Type Maintenance
- Item Cost Price
- Selling Price Setting
- Monthly Currency Conversion

2. Inventory Management Module

- Supplier Maintenance
- Goods Receive, Return Outward
- Stock Adjustment, Taking, Transfer
- Stock Write Off
- Stock Balance and Stock Ledger
- Stock Redemption
- Outstanding Redemption
- Delivery Order

3. Sales and Distribution Module

- Distribution Center and Warehouse maintenance
- Consignment.
- Outright Sales.
- Loan.
- Sales Submission Management to handle outright Sales and Consignment Sales reported by Distribution Center.  

4. Bonus Calculation System

- Distributor Bonus
- Distribution Center Bonus Calculation
- Distributor Bonus Statement
- Distribution Center Bonus Statement
- Bonus Transfer to eWallet

5. Membership Module

-Member Registration
-Member Genealogy Checking
-Sponsor Tree Tracing – tracking purposes.
-Check Orphan / Missing Link, normally run daily or during commission calculation to avoid miss-calculation due to data missing.
- Member Termination
- Web username and password

Sponsor Tree Tracing

- Provide customizations
- Depend the user requirement
- Example:-

Sales and Order Processing Module

- Member Sales
- Sales Top up
- Advanced Purchase
- Sales Order Approval
- Redemption List checking

Flow in E-wallet

E-mobile module

- Wallet Balance
- SMS to customer (welcome message)
- Downlines update
- Stock level update
- Bonus update

Flow chart

Advantages using MLM software

1. Proven Solution

Easy to use: Not only it is easy to use, it is also easy to maintain. Also, the solution is developed meant for non-IT users.
Well tested: In a MLM environment, the engine of the solution has to be a proven solution as it involves calculations of sales and bonuses. eMLM solution has been proven not only reliable but also a working solution.

2. Track sales distribution performance anytime,anywhere

Reporting and analysis:Management reports & analysis are available and not based on estimations but based on actual ‘real-time’ data.
Auto-Reporting:The reports can be scheduled and emailed to targeted users automatically.
Task Scheduler: Tasks such as periodic backup, reporting, data synchronization and bonus calculation can be scheduled and run automatically according to user-defined schedule.
Inventory management: The system provides inventory costs based on actual stock movement/ sales. This is to ensure that stock replenishment is optimized based on real-time dynamic stock levels.